9 Amazing Wedding Videographers for your Australian Intimate Wedding

Just because intimate weddings & elopements are smaller affairs, does not mean they’re not worthy of being celebrated or documented properly. On the contrary! By opting for a smaller wedding with a more intimate guest list (or no guests at all), you can invest your budget into crafting the memorable experience of your dreams — and record it for keeps. Speaking of…

Imagine someone captured your memories
for you to rewatch, rewind & relive forever?


Doesn’t that sound like absolute heaven? I bet you whispered “yes” to yourself just then. 😉 Yet, many couples forgo investing in a wedding film, instead choosing to invest solely in a wedding or elopement photographer

But unlike photos, wedding films allow you to experience all those sensations — butterflies, tears of joy, laughter, tenderness — and all those memories in a more immersive way. In fact, I would go as far as to say that nothing can quite convey the mood and atmosphere of your wedding or elopement as much as a film.

Coming from a photographer, this might come as a bit of a shock, however I truly believe that a wedding film compliments your wedding photos by giving you a different perspective. It’s both a visual and auditory keepsake to treasure, and is a beautiful way to share your day with loved ones who weren’t there. This is especially true if you choose to elope just the two of you.

You can tell I’m quite passionate about the subject, but take it from someone who’s been there — you will NEVER regret investing in a wedding film in addition to your photos.

Whilst this may be true, finding the right wedding videographer for your intimate wedding or elopement can be tricky. To make your wedding planning experience all the more fun and stress-free, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a comprehensive list of amazingly talented Australian wedding videographers for you to discover, as well as rounded up common questions & answers. So without further ado…



Once & For All

Originally hailing from Siberia, and based out of Melbourne, Greg from Once & For All is a brilliant wedding videographer. I should know — we chose him as our cinematographer for very own intimate wedding. 🌟

Known for his cinematic, unconventional & highly personalised style, Greg’s wedding films are romantic, emotive & dreamy time capsules. Each of the Once & For All films are completely unique, representative of the diverse couples & weddings they’ve documented. From a colourful & musical Indian wedding, to an adventurous & peaceful country elopement, and everything in between, you’ll be mesmerised by their work.

So if you’re after a personalised piece of art that perfectly encapsulates the unique energy of your intimate wedding or elopement, Greg is your guy. Check out more of his work here.

Bottle Brush Films

The brain child of real life couple Grace & Andrew, Bottlebrush Films is an ode to the weirdly beautiful quirks in all of us. Known for their fun personalities and “down-to-party” attitude, this team of international award winning wedding videographers is sure to create a unique & powerful wedding film you’ll want to watch on repeat.

What makes BB films so special is that they manage to prioritise showing real moments with real people rather than create anything too cheesy and contrived. These two are all about creatively compiling raw moments to bring to life a moving piece of art.

From bright and quirky, to wild and loose parties disguised as weddings, and even the deliberate and heartfelt declarations of lifetime commitment, each BottleBrush film is filled with lots of personality, storytelling, and a whole lot of fun. Discover more of their work here.



Dave LePage

An incredibly talented photographer in his own right, Dave has also recently been exploring wedding videography, and boy oh boy aren’t they absolutely gloriously beautiful. Based out of Melbourne, but travelling regularly across Australia, Dave’s films feel like travelling back through time in high resolution.

With a cinematic edge & dreamy editing style, Dave’s films are heavily music driven, making them incredibly nostalgic, with just a hint of editorial flair. Like a visual poem, Dave’s wedding films are a feast for the eyes, and a treasure for the heart. Find more of his work here.



Moment Seeker Films

Like its name suggests, Moment Seeker Films is all about immortalising your most precious moments and memories on your wedding day, in an artistic & nostalgic way.

Haydn (the human behind the name) is a master at navigating your story with warmth, joy and finessecarefully curating a luminous documentary of your wedding or elopement. Genuinely passionate about creating stories with heart & soul, Haydn’s films capture raw moments through the eye and lens of a silent guest.

Immortalising all of the fleeting moments often missed by onlookers, Moment Seeker films feel like magic unfolding in real time. So if you’re looking for a cinematic & dreamy wedding film, Moment Seeker Films is for you. Discover more of their work here.

La Lune

If you’re looking for a truly cinematic wedding film with a bit of wild flare, then La Lune are your people. With over 12 years of wedding filmmaking experience, this incredibly talented team of award winning filmmakers are at the top of their game.

In fact, La Lune films are renowned for being timeless stories which age like fine wine. Based out of Newcastle, the globe-trotting team have an innate ability to retell your story in a carefully conducted symphony of fun and feels, with a bit of rock n roll thrown in for good measure.

So if you’re looking for a friendly, artistically inclined team to create an authentic wedding film, you can’t go wrong with La Lune. I’ll guarantee they’ll create a work of art enabling you to relive and re-feel your day again and again. Discover more of their work here.



Joel Tronoff

Based out of Brisbane, Joel Tronoff is a little bit of a wild card when it comes to my wedding videographer list. Unlike the others mentioned, Joel also creates commercial films & ads, which gives him a unique perspective.

As a wedding cinematographer, Joel is known for his elegant aesthetic and narrative storytelling. His goal is to create a living memory of your wedding – a film which is a true reflection of you. He works quietly and inconspicuously, fading into the background so that he can capture the moments that are real, true and yours…no posing, no pushing, no parading. Just you.

For the past 7 years, he has travelled the world telling the stories of beautiful couples and capturing once in a lifetime moments, to be relived and remembered for eternity. Discover more of his work here.



The Runaway Hearts

Do you love 60s indie films? If so, then don’t look further, the Runaway Hearts is for you! Shooting weddings on real Super 8mm film, with vintage movie cameras, Kara’s creations feel like flicking through your mum’s old photo album from when you were a kid.

Based out in Shellharbour, just south of Sydney, Kara is all about making real-life look beautiful. Love is messy and weddings aren’t perfect – and the Runaway Hearts are here to capture yours in a way that feels nostalgic, so you’ll remember how it FELT rather than just the perfect stuff.

If you love a vintage aesthetic, and just want to have some unpolished, fun and authentic memories of your wedding day captured in movie form, then Kara is your gal! Discover more of her work here.



Bloom Films

This husband and wife team is something else. Incredibly passionate about seeing two people come together in marriage, Sam & Isaac are all about capturing the fun, romantic and epic moments that make up your wedding & elopement.

A big part of what makes this team so special is how much of an effort they put into connecting with their couples. This enables them to create films that are a true representation of your day, but at a deeper level.

So if you after a wedding film you’ll love the moment you get it in your inbox, as well as film that shines 50 years down the track, Blooms Films is for you! Discover more of their work here.



Sam Battin Films

Based out of the gorgeous Blue Mountains, Sam Battin is the go-to videographer for adventurous & modern couples looking to immortalise their intimate wedding or elopement.

Travelling across the world, Sam is known for both his relaxed demeanour, and his dreamy films. Capturing your memories in a refreshing and non-traditional way, Sam is all about preserving those small moments that otherwise go unnoticed.

So if you’re after a unique & personalised wedding film, that will teleport you back in time, allowing you to relive all of those special spontaneous moments, Sam Battin is for you! Check out more of his work here.


Common Intimate Wedding Videographer Questions

You’re making the choice to marry and celebrate our love story – this is your chance to capture & immortalise it!

Whilst a wedding film is an incredible way to do so, it is still a heavy budget item. Naturally, you’ll likely have a few questions you wish to clear up when planning your intimate wedding. For ease, I’ve asked all of your burning questions and compiled them below:


How much should I expect to pay for a wedding videographer?

Depending on the type & size of your wedding (“just us two” elopement vs an intimate wedding for 70), as well as what add ons you may wish (full vows & speech recordings on top of your highlight video for instance), you can expect to spend anywhere from $3000 to $15,000 for a professional wedding or elopement videographer.

On average, couples tend to spend around $3500 for their elopements, and $6,000 for micro weddings. Your elopement & intimate wedding is a special event, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little in this department.

It’s also worth mentioning that the price you pay all varies on quality, equipment and experience. I’d try and avoid paying for anything under $3k as like most things, you get what you pay for.


How should I choose my wedding videographer?

Like most other vendors, the best way to choose your wedding or elopement videographer is by doing a “vibe check”. What I mean by this is making sure you choose a human you get along with.

At the end of the day, the more comfortable you are with your chosen vendors, the more you’ll enjoy your experience, and the more comfortable you’ll be in front of the camera.

I would also highly recommend you find an artist whose style, edits, and even values align with yours. Some wedding videographers might prioritise cinematic shots, whilst others might prefer a more candid approach. There’s no right or wrong way to create a wedding film, so at the end of the day, make sure you go with your gut.


How far in advance should I book my wedding videographer?

You should consider booking your wedding videographer at least 3 months in advance for your elopement and at least 6 – 12 months in advance for your intimate wedding. This is because, like photographers, wedding cinematographers generally book out quite quickly!


How many hours should I hire my wedding videographer for? 

It all depends what time your formalities are scheduled for, and what activities you have planned. I find that for elopements, 4 – 6 hours is generally the sweet spot, whereas for intimate weddings, 7 – 9 hours works best. I generally suggest having your videographer cover the same amount of time as your photographer so that the whole day is captured comprehensively.


Can we choose our own music for our wedding film?

You can certainly request a specific song or type of music, but due to music licensing and copyright, there’s a very high chance your videographer will not be able to use a mainstream song or artist. Wedding cinematographers are incredibly talented at picking songs that best reflect the vibe of your day, so don’t hesitate to share your likes and dislikes with them.

So if you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer for your own intimate wedding or elopement, this is your sign to go for it! I promise you, you won’t regret it! Like your photos, your wedding film will forever be one of the greatest pieces of memorabilia from your wedding or elopement, making it worth every penny.

I hope that the above resources have helped you on your intimate wedding planning journey. Should you have any other questions about planning your micro wedding or elopement, I’m here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to start bringing our vision to life.

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