Noémie & Cyril’s Coastal Destination Elopement at the Bombo Headlands

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Like many other couples who were set to wed in 2020, Noémie & Cyril’s original wedding plans were disrupted by the spicy cough. Before anyone had even heard of this sneaky virus called covid-19, N + C were all set to have an intimate destination wedding in Bali.

As a central location between Europe and Australia (where the majority of their guests were travelling from), Bali’s beautiful scenery and ideal weather seemed like the perfect combination for what was set to be an incredible party bringing together all of their loved ones from across the globe. 

For ease, N + C decided early on to get the legal requirements out of the way, so as to avoid any issues with marrying overseas (those who’ve done it know what I’m talking about). With their romantic commitment ceremony & party all set for May 2020, they chose to have a quick no-fuss registry office ceremony. Considering they didn’t have long to wait, it didn’t seem like such a big sacrifice at the time.

However, the universe had other plans.

When Australian borders closed in March 2020, their plans of having a destination wedding were flushed down the toilet. As enduring optimists, they kept their fingers crossed that by 2021, they would hopefully be able to pursue their dream. But as more time passed, the likelihood of the situation getting better became slimmer, which led N + C to postpone indefinitely.

Having not had the chance to commemorate their union the way they had envisioned, N + C were naturally feeling a little discouraged and disappointed with how things turned out. Luckily, this is where I came in to help!

With their 7th anniversary coming up in February 2022, it felt right to throw caution to the wind and finally give themselves the chance to celebrate their love just the two of them with their very own adventure elopement. 

Whilst they were finally able to wear the outfits they had picked out for themselves years prior, N + C were no longer the same people they were back in 2020. Case in point, the vows they wrote for each celebrated all of the beautiful moments they’ve experienced together, but also acknowledged the challenges they had faced, and how these made them stronger as a couple. This made for a very real, deep and intimate ceremony, which only made the experience more beautiful & heartwarming.

Although they didn’t get to hold their destination wedding in Bali as planned, it turns out N + C didn’t have to travel very far to feel as though their dream came to life. Located on the South Coast of NSW, only 1.5 hours away from Sydney, the Bombo Headlands instantly makes you feel as though you’ve hopped on a plane and landed in Iceland — minus the cold weather & plane fares. 😉

This made for the perfect location for N & C’s coastal destination elopement and enabled them to turn their wedding into an adventure. All in all, covid may have put a pin in N + C’s plans, but their love prevailed in the end! And if that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is! 

Noémie & Cyril, it was my honour to be able to capture these memories for you to treasure and share with your loved ones. Your resilience, respect and love for each other is inspiring, and I’m humbled I was able to immortalise it for you. Congratulations lovers!



Vendors Involved

Florist —  Sawyer & Fleur

Bridal Gown — Made With Love Bridal

Groom’s Suit — 

Rings — Tiffany & Co


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