30 Significant Life Lessons & Takeaways I’ve Learned in my 30 Years Earth Side

Well folks, it’s official — today I celebrate my 30th cycle around the sun. I can’t quite believe I’ve been roaming this earth for 30 years, especially since I feel ageless. Part of me still feels 20 and another part of me feels 173. 😂 It all feels as though it’s gone by in a flash, yet there’s still so much life left to live.

As I enter my dirty 30s era, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what I’ve learned so far, as well as reminisce on some of my most treasured memories. After all, a moment lasts for seconds but the memories last forever. 🌟

Needless to say, I’ve learned quite a bit these last 30 years — certainly more than one could ever put in a blog post. I know that there’s still so much for me to learn, but I wanted to share a few takeaways with you all — and perhaps my younger self — as a reminder that we’re all navigating through this thing called life together as best we can. So without further ado, here are…


30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30


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After all, you will never again be exactly as you are right now. Life is made up of fleeting moments
the most precious often sneak up on us without warning or fanfare. then in an instant they pass, and can never be recreated or relived. The giggle of a child, their small hand in yours, a lingering kiss from the one you love, the proud look from a parent or grandparent, these are the moments that make life worth living, these are the moments to remember and to treasure for a lifetime.

Photography offers us the amazing gift of preserving these memories. A photograph has the power to transport you back in time and remind you exactly how you felt. The fact is, the true value of a photograph is often not appreciated straight away but in years to come as you sit quietly reminiscing with your loved ones over those magical moments — the beautiful and precious story of your lives. 

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